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Ellovate, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that exists to improve the lives of children in Utah. Our programs are designed to help our youth build confidence and enhance their overall wellness through fulfilling activities, positive social interactions, and the establishment of healthy habits. Ellovate also works with parents and guardians whose children are battling anxiety, depression, and other mental health and behavioral struggles, to help guide their children on a pathway to recovery that best suits each child's individual needs.


Ellovate places great emphasis on mental and emotional health, coupled with a strong determination to eliminate the social stigmas associated therewith. We aim to educate on effective coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety and depression, while also shedding greater light on the professional treatment options available when needed. In addition to offering programs designed to improve mental and emotional well-being, our organization rounds out the pursuit of balanced wellness with activities focused on physical health and personal development.


Ellovate believes strongly in the application of the Golden Rule, which is the principle of treating others how you would like to be treated. Our organization also believes that loving and respecting yourself is the best way to maintain a high level of personal wellness, which in turn leads to making a positive impact in the lives of those around you.

Below are the principles that shape Ellovate's mission and programs. We strive to incorporate most (if not all) of these principles into everything we do as an organization...

  • Kindness 

  • Respect  

  • Gratitude  

  • Integrity  

  • Inclusion  

  • Accountability  ​

  • Positivity  ​

  • Service 

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